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WSC Urgent Press Release – Planned Major System Improvement Works on Robertha Avenue on Tuesday March 22nd 2016 that Will Result in Reduced System Pressures for Residents in Parts of Northern, Central, and Eastern New Providence

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) wishes to provide an update to our valued customers and the general public regarding the planned major system improvement works on Robertha Avenue (Ridgeland Park West) which commenced on Tuesday evening at 8PM.  The Corporation has experienced an unanticipated delay in the completion of the works which were originally scheduled for full completion at 8AM this morning with full system restoration by 2PM today.  We are now projecting full completion by 3PM today with full system restoration by 7PM this evening for customers in Northern, Central and Eastern New Providence. The Corporation is making every effort to limit the duration and severity of these reduced system pressures.

Pedestrians and motorists along Robertha Avenue during the mentioned period are asked to exercise extreme caution in the area of the works.

The Corporation sincerely appreciates and thanks our valued customers, the residents and businesses of Robertha Avenue and the adjoining Robinson Road West area and the general public for your patience and understanding as we execute these works to further improve the reliability of our New Providence Water Supply.

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