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WATER AND SEWERAGE CORPORATION Committed to Growth, Committed to Quality


The Water and Sewerage Corporation you thought you knew has made some improvements.

In the past few years, we’ve made several improvements to our service to provide YOU with better water, including:

  •  Reducing Non-Revenue water so that water pressure could be stronger both at day and at night.
  •  14,000 service lines have been replaced, over 650 water mains have been repaired and nearly 1,500 system valves have been cleaned.
  •  Extending water to services to more areas than ever before.

We’ve been working very hard to show we’re committed to growth, committed to quality. Give us a try; you’ll be glad you did.

Where does our water come from?

Lots of people are surprised to find out we no longer barge water in to the capital, but instead use a reverse osmosis plant to turn salt water into fresh, potable water for use throughout the capital.

Our reverse osmosis plant provides 90% of the water used in New Providence and the water meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines for safe drinking water.

I’ve never had a water connection. How do I apply for one?

Complete an application form, provide proof of ownership of the home (e.g. conveyance or bank
letter), and provide identification i.e. Passport, Driver’s License, and an NIB Card. Call us for
more info.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?
If your account is not paid by the due date, you may receive a courtesy call to advise of the overdue charges. If you are a tenant then the courtesy call is made to the property owner.
What if I already have an account but the bill is high?

Outstanding accounts are reviewed on an individual basis and if applicable, discounts may be applied. We also offer flexible payment plans. At the discretion of the Corporation, and depending on the balance due, we will issue a Disconnect Due to Non-Payment order. This will result in the Corporation restricting the water supply at the property and charging associated costs. Call us for more information about your account.

What if my name is not currently on the account but I am the homeowner?

Complete a Change of Ownership form and provide documents showing proof of ownership and identification. Call us for more info.

What if I am concerned about cross contamination between city supply and private wells?
Customers are required to install check valves to avoid cross contamination of city supply. We stringently monitor and test our water supply at various points throughout the system. When appropriate, we take further measures to prevent cross contamination including installing additional check valves.
Does WSC to conduct tests on a private water supplies?

Yes, for a fee. Contact us for further information.

What do I do if I am experiencing low pressure?

Call or email us to report low pressure. You may also complete a complaint form here on the website.

What does the Corporation do about Rusty Water?
We replace over 15 miles of pipe each year, and eventually all metal pipes will be replaced. As the pipes are being replaced, we have been flushing water pipes in affected areas to remove sediment. In some cases, a free filter system may also be installed on your property to trap rust particles and other sediments that may be present. Filters are changed as often as is necessary to reduce the amount of rust present in the water.
What measures has WSC taken to improve water pressure and quality?
The Corporation has undertaken an aggressive program to reduce water losses from underground leaks, to date it has yielded savings of over one billion gallons of water since 2013, worth $7.4 million. By reducing water losses, the Corporation has been able to steadily increase water pressures, and today, many areas of New Providence now consistently receive good water pressures both during the day and at night. The Corporation has also made significant strides in addressing red (rusty) water issues by changing water mains, and improving maintenance in affected areas.
What if I’ve experienced rusty water or low pressure in the past?
We have improved in these areas and continue to make improvements daily. Let us know immediately if you have any concerns after you reconnect. Call or email us for assistance.

I am constructing or just purchased a rental building. How do I arrange for my tenants to get a connection?

Complete an application for water supply for each rental unit (see question 1 for requirements). Whenever a new tenant occupies a unit, complete a form authorizing the tenant to receive service. You should also immediately inform the Corporation whenever a tenant moves out.

I would like the account for water use changed into my tenant’s name. What do I need to do?

Complete a form authorizing us to place the account in your tenant’s name. You will be required to let us know of any change in tenancy.

What if I am a tenant?

If there is a water connection servicing your rental unit, your landlord can complete a form authorizing the Corporation to establish an account in name of the primary renter in order to continue service. If there is no existing connection, you should ask your landlord to contact the Corporation to arrange for a connection, and complete the authorization form. You will be required to pay a security deposit and provide proof of identity. You are also required to immediately notify the Corporation when you move out, otherwise you could be held liable for water used after you leave.