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Solarization of Marsh Harbour Pumping Station _ Work Continues

Two years ago, on September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian devastated picturesque Abaco Island in the Bahamas including its water infrastructure resulting in significant damage to the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s water supply distribution system. As we sadly mark the 2nd anniversary of the Hurricane’s impact on the Abacos, the Corporation has committed that all infrastructural systems …

wscMobile App, Available in the Apple App Store & the Android Market

The Water & Sewerage Corporation is releasing wscMobile, a mobile app in October of 2016. The app will be available in all of the islands where the Corporation provides service. The goal of the app is to provide our customers with a convenient and effective tool to connect with the Corporation and our many services. wscMobile, has several features that users will find beneficial. One o…

WSC Cut in Water Losses

The Water and Sewage Corporation expects an $81m contract with Israeli firm Miya Water will result in a significant reduction in water loss.   WSC General Manager Glen Laville told The Tribune yesterday that as it stands, the Corporation loses around 6.5 million gallons of water a day. A closer look revealed, he said, that the massive waste puts the WSC at more than a $16 mil…

WSC to Plug $1.5M in Leaks for 2013

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) expects to save around $1.5M from repaired leakages to the system by the end of this year. As excavations continue in Garden Hills, WSC crews are handing out notices to residents letting them know service could be disrupted. The Public Corporation said it would move to Imperial Park in a month or two, which includes Yamacraw and Fox Hill.