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  • The Corporation regularly test its water supply at all points in the distribution system to ensure safety;

  • Our water supply meets World Health Organization Standards (WHO), which means its safe for use;

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  • The Corporation has a dedicated Laboratory that is responsible for regularly testing its water supply throughout the Bahamas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Water and Sewerage Corporation you thought you knew has made some improvements.

In the past few years, we’ve made several improvements to our service to provide YOU with better water, including:

  •  Reducing Non-Revenue water so that water pressure could be stronger both at day and at night.
  •  14,000 service lines have been replaced, over 650 water mains have been repaired and nearly 1,500 system valves have been cleaned.
  •  Extending water to services to more areas than ever before.

We’ve been working very hard to show we’re committed to growth, committed to quality. Give us a try; you’ll be glad you did.

Where does our water come from?

Lots of people are surprised to find out we no longer barge water in to the capital, but instead use a reverse osmosis plant to turn salt water into fresh, potable water for use throughout the capital.

Our reverse osmosis plant provides 90% of the water used in New Providence and the water used in New Providence and the water meets the World Health Organization’s guidelines for safe drinking water.

I’ve never had a water connection. How do I apply for one?

Complete an application form, provide proof of ownership of the home (e.g. conveyance or bank
letter), and provide identification i.e. Passport, Driver’s License, and an NIB Card. Call us for
more info.

What happens if I don’t pay my bill?
If your account is not paid by the due date, you may receive a courtesy call to advise of the overdue charges. If you are a tenant then the courtesy call is made to the property owner.


ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS: The Corporation is pleased to announce the commissioning of the Russell Island Water Supply Project that included the installation of over 7,000 feet of 4-inch and 3,000 feet of 2-inch PVC water mains to serve over 100 homes on the island at a cost of approximately $600,000 utilizing the Corporation’s personnel and equipment in conjunction with various local subcontractors. Russell Island is rapidly expanding and the Corporation appreciates the importance of the provision of high quality piped potable water to sustain the development of the island.
Under the ministerial leadership of The Hon. Alfred Sears, KC, MP and its Board, led by Hon. Sylvanus Petty, MP, the Corporation’s Management has been charged with the urgent task of the development and implementation of an Action Plan to improve the reliability of the Corporation’s supply to all existing customers across the country, and to extend piped potable water supply to all remaining homes and businesses without a supply at the earliest possible opportunity.
With respect to Eleuthera specifically, this Action Plan to date includes: –

  1. The Corporation has contracted over $6,250,000 in storage tank works for Eleuthera. This includes: –
    A. Refurbishment of the existing 365,000 imperial gallon storage tank on Spanish Wells.
    B. 1,500,000 imperial gallons in new potable water storage tanks for the Bogue and another 1,500,000 imperial gallons for the Naval Base. These works have commenced in phases and will be fully completed by this summer.
    C. 500,000 imperial gallons in new potable water storage tanks for Harbour Island. This Contract was recently awarded and we are awaiting the Contractor’s timeline.
  2. Working closely with our Desalination Contractor to improve the reliability of all of our desalination plants on Eleuthera and to expand the desalination production capacity at both our Bogue and Naval Base facilities. Two (2) desalination plants with a combined capacity of approximately 260,000 imperial gallons per day have arrived in New Providence and are presently being cleared. It is expected that these units will be shipped to our Naval Base facility shortly and will be fully operational by late April 2023 increasing the overall production capacity of that plant from the present 450,000 imperial gallons per day to 710,000 imperial gallons per day. At the Bogue, the plan is to increase the production capacity from 600,000 imperial gallons per day to 800,000 imperial gallons per day and we are awaiting the Contractor’s formal timeline on those works. These desalination improvement works are valued at several million dollars.
  3. The Corporation in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance is presently negotiating with the Caribbean Development Bank for a Bahamas Water Supply Project Phase II Loan in the range of $25,000,000 to $30,000,000. It is estimated that between $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 of this amount will be dedicated to improving critical water transmission and distribution mains across Eleuthera.
  4. The Corporation is working with our utility partner, the Bahamas Power and Light Company Limited (BPL) and our Ministry – the Ministry of Works & Utilities to address the power supply/demand issues at our desalination facilities and this includes ongoing discussions to introduce alternative energy supply solutions for these plants.

As recently announced by Minister Sears, the Government is determined to position “WSC on the path to becoming a world class water and sanitation utility that meets and exceeds customer expectations, is financially viable and operates in full compliance with all environmental and regulatory standards”. The Corporation has accepted this challenge and we are working to improve the level of our service to all customers across Eleuthera and The Bahamas.


ABACO BAHAMAS:   WSC’s focus on Abaco Island continues as it looks to address staffing and operational matters.  It’s no secret that since Hurricane Dorian, the Corporation has had to continue to work to improve operations on the island after encountering major damages to its infrastructure, some of which were challenged prior to the storm, and was further exacerbated as a result.

A meeting held on Friday, January 13, 2023 with area Member of Parliaments, the Hon. Kirk Conish/North Abaco and the Hon. J. Pinder/South and included Board Member, Alvin Sargent and Consultant, Anthony Bostwick, along with Robert Deal, General Manager, Gregory Stubbs, AGM/Family Islands, Selvin Basden, AGM/Human Resourses and union presidents representing the Management and Non-Management Unions in attendance after a successful staff meeting, MP’s articulated their respective constituency concerns with respect to ongoing projects and capital works relevant to the Corporation.

While the Corporation continues its mandate to provide safe, potable water to its customers, it also recognizes the ongoing operational challenges that continue some three years after Hurricane Dorian, as there are still areas requiring attention namely:-

Grand Cay _ Water Quality and tank replacement

Moore’s Island _ tank repair and Reverse Osmosis Plant Challenges

Road reinstatement throughout Central Abaco

Generation Upgrades

Treasure Cay Sewerage Project

Spring City Sewerage System replacement and upgrade

Central Pines lateral replacement project

Wellfield maintenance and upgrades from North, Central & South Abaco

Sweetings Tract Project

$800MN KaKona South Abaco Project

Overall Water Pressure Challenges in supply zones

Blackwood to Treasure Cay Station Mains Installation

The Corporation will continue to focus on staffing needs and improved customer satisfaction supported by improved operational performance, which it recognizes remain a concern, as it works to improve its service delivery across the island.


Treasure Cay, Abaco:  Following the completion of a competitive bidding process, the Corporation engaged APEX Underground Utilities and Construction Company Limited to install new sewer force mains, 14 lift stations, and upgrade the pump station electrical supplies.  To date, 13 of the 14 lift station wet wells have been installed throughout Treasure Cay, and approximately 65% of the sewer forcemain has been installed along with eight (8) of the 14 lift stations already being connected to the forcemain, and three (3) being prepared for connection.

Customers should note that since the project commenced on May 25, 2022, there have been delays beyond the Corporation’s Control, BRON, the Project’s Engineering Consultant and the Contractor.  Despite the deliverables previously mentioned, shipment of some materials are pending prior to final commissioning due to backlog being experienced by suppliers.  Additionally, the project has been hindered by weather delays including the passage of Hurricane Nicole and rainy conditions.

Customers can be assured that every possible measure has and will continue to be taken to mitigate against circumstances that are required to deliver a more resilient operating system for Treasure Cay with a completion date set for end of 1st quarter 2023.

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