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WSC Board of Directors – Leadership with Vision

Mr. Adrian Gibson

Executive Chairman

Adrian Gibson is an attorney-at-law, educator, entrepreneur and columnist who hails from Long Island and has extensive experience in media/public relations, journalism and mass communications and education. Over the years, Mr. Gibson has taught at the L W Young Junior High School, SC McPherson Junior High School (public school educator) and, briefly, at the College of the Bahamas. He is also a Certified Bahama Host lecturer for the Bahamas’ Ministry of Tourism. An accomplished journalist, Mr. Gibson had, for more than a decade, penned a national weekly column for The Tribune newspaper, in addition to making various guest appearances as a media commentator and panellist at forums, talk shows and moderating symposiums such as the international criminal law symposium hosted by the Eugene Dupuch Law School. Mr. Gibson is regularly invited to present papers and speeches at conferences on topical issues.

Mrs. Deanne Wallace-Whitfield

Deputy Chair

Deanne Wallace Whitfield is an accomplished banker. She has spent 34 years in the industry and worked her way up the ranks from a Customer Service Operations Officer to Assistant Manager, Credit Risk. Deanne has a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) from the University of Miami, banking certifications from The Canadian Institute of Bankers and the Canadian Securities Institute, and she has obtained a number of other certifications in the field of banking and finance. Deanne continues to seek avenues to enhance her knowledge and expertise, to add value to her organization and the community, and she believes that education is a never ending journey.

Mr. Bennet Minnis


I was proudly raised as an Anglican and presently attend Christ the King Anglican
Church in Ridgeland Park where I am a Vestry Member and also a Member of Christ the King
Anglican Church Men’s Group. I am a former President of the Anglican Diocesan Youth
Council and a former Youth Officer of the Anglican Diocese.
In service of the various Free National Movement governing administrations, I have
served as a Member of the Town Planning Board, the Hotel Licence Board and the Real
Property Tax Board. I presently serve with great honour as the Chairman of the Mt. Moriah
Constituency Association and have done so for over thirty (30) years. In addition, I am a
Member of the Toastmaster International Club 1095, an active community worker and activist
and civic-minded.

Mr. George Carey


George T. Carey is an Attorney-at-Law, a Notary Public, and he was admitted to the Bar of the
Commonwealth of The Bahamas on October 27th, 2006. He is Trust and Estate Practitioner, and
one of the Vice Presidents of a leading offshore bank in The Bahamas.
As a true professional, George strives to remain current with various trends and developments
globally as well as those affecting the country. He has garnered a wealth of knowledge during his
professional experience. He has an extensive background in commercial law, conveyancing, real
estate, offshore banking, and anti-money laundering.
George is an ordained Youth Pastor since July 2014, and serves as a Co-Leader of The B.A.Y
(Born Again Youth) Youth Ministry, of Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries, Carmichael
Road, Nassau, Bahamas. George previously served as the Men’s President of Golden Gates
World Outreach Ministries from January 2013 through January 2015.
George’s mantra highlights ingredients of the scripture of “only what is done for Christ will last”,
and he is the husband to Vandera L. Carey nee Woods.

Mr. Carl Oliver


Present Employment: Ministry of Finance
Job Title: Deputy Director, Economic Planning
Responsibilities: Liaison for International development financial institutions i.e. World Bank,
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
Master of Arts (MA) – Economics, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Bachelors of Arts (BA) – Economics, University of Wisconsin-Parkside – Racine, Wisconsin,

Ms. Nicola Russell-Director

Bio coming soon