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WATER AND SEWERAGE CORPORATION Committed to Growth, Committed to Quality

Corporate Integrity & Commitment to Excellence

The Water & Sewerage Corporation is focused on fulfilling our mandate of maintaining a high level of corporate integrity and excellence in everything we do. With each stage of our growth, we have held true to our vision and mission. As we move forward, we will continue to enhance and expand our technologies and skill sets to meet the changing needs of the Bahamian people.

Vision Statement

Committed to growth, committed to quality.


To transform the Corporation into an efficient, customer focused organization that provides quality service and enjoys a reputation for consistently high performance.

The Corporation

Over the past 36 years the Water & Sewerage Company has significantly enhanced the water quality and supply distribution systems throughout the islands.

The Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Works & Urban Development. The Corporation is a wholly owned Government organization, entrusted with managing, maintaining, distributing and developing the water resources of The Bahamas.

Meet The Minister

The Hon. Desmond Bannister, Minister of Works & Urban Development, MP

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors guarantees sound governance to WSC by constant and effective interaction with our Executive Team.

Our Leadership Team

WSC’s diverse group of talented executives work as a team to ensure client satisfaction by the co-ordination of all activities which influence the quality, quantity, distribution, and management of our water supply.

There are five strategic divisions each headed by a member of Executive Management.

Business Strategy

WSC is preparing for the future by focusing on tomorrow today. We have developed a comprehensive “Roadmap” for long term sustainability.

In 2009, a Water & Sanitation Sector Strategic Plan was developed with grant financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and included updating previous WSC Business Plans.

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Delivering On Our Promises

We are committed to continuously improving services in our key focus areas. We deliver on our promises.

The Water and Sewerage Corporation  recently began a 3-month pilot programme to improve the overall water quality in New Providence, beginning in areas that encompass approximately 70% of the island’s water demand.

The pilot programme has introduced SeaQuest, a certified drinking water corrosion control sequesterant, which is used by water industry professionals in the USA, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guyana, Virgin Islands, and Trinidad.  The pilot is testing the effectiveness of the product SeaQuest to address water quality challenges generally associated with aging infrastructure and aggressive water such as desalinated sources.

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Special Initiatives

WSC is involved in a number of special initiatives aimed at improving the social and economic climate of The Bahamas.

More information coming soon

Our History

The Bahamas have always had a challenge in providing enough freshwater for its citizens. To collect enough water to meet their needs, Bahamians have historically dug shallow wells and collected water from rooftop drainage, as well as from sinkholes and pits. And they have imported quite a bit of their water from other countries and islands.

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News at WSC

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