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Leak Rebates

  • Very often customers have undetected leaks with no evidence of water on the surface. Sometimes underground pipes in walls, underground or other concealed places may become damaged and the water simply flows beneath the surface unnoticed.

     In instances where you have received an unusually high water bill due to a water leak, you may be able to apply to the corporation for a partial rebate of the charges depending on the leak’s location. Water leaks can occur either within the boundary of a private property or external to the property. A concealed leak on private property is the property owner’s responsibility. We suggest that you read your water meter and check for concealed leaks on a regular basis. Once detected, a licensed plumber should be contacted to repair the leak. If you notice a leak around your water meter or on public property, The Corporation is responsible for fixing it. Please contact us as soon as possible to report it.

     For more information, read about WSC’s water saving tips or call Customer Service at 302-5599. Family Island residents can contact us toll free at 1-242-300-0150.

    Emergencies or Complaints Line
    After 6:00 p.m. – 325-0505

How to Qualify for a Leak Rebate

  1. Consumption due to leak must be more than 40% above average quarterly consumption;
  2. A Leak Rebates is only granted once per year;
  3. 50% of the high bill must be paid before a rebate can be posted.
  4. Rebates can cover no more than two quarters;
  5. A plumber’s report/ letter must be submitted by the specified date or the account may be disconnected for the outstanding amount.
  6. Rebate will be prepared for accounts whose consumption are back to normal within fifteen (15) working days.
  7. A leak rebate may be granted when the customer has provided satisfactory evidence that all leaks are repaired and consumption has returned to normal.
  8. The rebate percentage calculated to be applied to water charges.
  9. Customers sixty-five (65) or older who receive the senior’s discount and experience a leak, that account will be reduced by the amount of Old Age Pension Discount granted for the same period.
  10. Leak rebates for a customer receiving OAP Discount are only eligible if they reside in the dwelling home.
  11. A leak rebate maybe approved in principle only, where there has been a history of poor payments, and it is doubtful that payment will be received.
  12. When the rebate is due, an adjustment will be prepared and forwarded with supporting documentation for approval.
  13. Once a payment arrangement has been made with 50% of the balance paid an adjustment will be posted to the account.

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