WATER AND SEWERAGE CORPORATION Committed to Growth, Committed to Quality

WSC Executive Team

Office of the General Manager

The Information Technology (IT),  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services and Legal Services Departments are under the leadership of General Manager Robert Deal. Each plays an important role in fulfilling the Corporation’s strategic objectives. 

Business Operations Division

The  Business  Operations  Division  under the portfolio of Chief Financial Officer, Patrice Munroe incorporates Purchasing, Accounts, Stores, and the Commercial Operations  Departments  that  are  responsible  for  Customer Relations,  Public  Relations  and  Marketing,  Call  Center,  Payment  and Collections,  Customer  Billing, Meter Reading and other Field Services and Delinquent Accounts.


New Providence Operations Division and Engineering and Planning

Under the leadership of Deputy General Manager Cyprian Gibson, this division is charged with providing safe and effective water services, and sewerage waste disposal, through efficient operation and maintenance of the Corporation’s assets, reduction of water losses, quick response to customer complaints, and effective use of technology and industry best quality control/assurance practices.

Family Island Operation Division

The Family Islands Operations Division is headed by Assistant General Manager Mr. Gregory Stubbs and is responsible for supplying, monitoring, improving and coordinating Family Islands water and commercial services; and to actively monitor and engage in hydrological and other environmental issues that serve to sensitize customers and the country to water as a limited and precious resource.

Internal Control & Compliance

The Internal Control & Compliance division is headed by Assistant General Manager Dian Saunders. The overall objective of the Internal Control and Compliance Division is to audit all departments to ensure compliance with departmental standards/targets; to conduct financial/internal audits of specific corporate activities/functions to maximize efficiency of the Corporation’s resources and to minimize losses; to coordinate a Corporate scorecard and to report on management’s adherence to the Corporation’s Business Plan, Industrial Agreements, Risk Management Program and Corporate Policies in a concentrated effort to ensure that the quality and delivery of our products and services to our customers meet or exceed local and international standards and best practices.

Human Resources Division

The overall objective of the Human Resources Division is to recruit suitably qualified personnel to ensure that the Corporation is adequately staffed in order to meet its goals and objectives; to facilitate training necessary to support a well trained and skilled workforce; to provide continuous monitoring of processes with respect to human resources; to provide counselling and welfare services; to maintain good industrial relations; and to manage corporate communications to ensure that information is disseminated in a timely manner.