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WSC Trivia Contest Boost Corporations Facebook Numbers

Although Water and Sewerage (WSC) may not be everyone’s number one page to follow on Facebook, WSC’s recent Facebook trivia contest, increased their numbers by 33%.

“Social Media outreach is a priority goal for us at WSC ” said Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager.  “It gives us a very accessible way to talk directly to our 68,000 customers, to advise them of public works, new offers, updates on leaks or closures and for those in the Family Islands, it’s an important way for us to reach out to customers immediately with urgent news.”

For the past three months, the company has been asking weekly trivia questions on various WSC topics including their IDB loan, WSC history and questions regarding their various social media accounts including YouTube. During the contest twelve weekly winners won prize packages including WSC memorabilia and $10 cards for phone minutes, winners were: Lennae Brown, Dantae Fowler, Reosha McQueen, Deri Fox, Clarice Campbell, Antonia Curry, Deandra Prabhu, Brooksine Sherman, Rosemary Poitier, Laquinta Bethel, Ashontae McQueen and Welliya Cargill.

During the trivia contest, WSC also started their win back campaign, aimed at showing the improvements the company has been making so that people could reconsider using city water and its sewerage services.  “Water and Sewerage is not always a fun topic, but with all of the hard work we’ve been doing to improve our services throughout New Providence, we wanted to do something fun for our customers to bring awareness to our past, present and future through the trivia questions,” noted Glen Laville, WSC General Manager.  “If participants didn’t know the answers, they only had to watch our videos or read our news and see what we’re doing here everyday to improve, and then post and win!”

WSC encourages all of their customers to like them on Facebook, twitter or Instagram and stay abreast of the corporation’s latest improvements and now its win back offers. “Our goal is simple,” noted Armbrister, “like our TV and radio ads said we are working for you – we are committed to growth and quality.”

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