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At a public meeting held at Cleveland Eneas Primary School last week by the Water and Sewerage (WSC) Corporation, along with the Honorable Khaalis Rolle, Member of Parliament for Pinewood, it was announced that works to provide city water services to the residents would start March 14th, 2016.

“Residents of some sections of Pinewood have had to rely on well water for years,” said the Minister, “but residents of Wild Guava Ave, Guinep Tree Street, Sugar Apple Street, Rose Wood Street, Breadfruit Street, Mahogany Street, Cascarilla Street, Cottonwood Street, Jacaranda Street and Sapodilla Boulevard would soon be able to receive water services from WSC.”

In late December last year WSC signed a $2.66 million contract with APEX Underground Utilities & Construction Co. Ltd. (APEX) for these works which include the supply and installation of a piped potable water supply system to service approximately 740 properties.  This project is part of a $41.63 million Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Water Supply Improvement Project that includes a $28.33 million loan from the CDB and $13.3 million in counterpart from the Government of The Bahamas and WSC.

“I am so grateful for the Water and Sewerage Corporation. It has been over thirty years, since 1984 that I have been waiting for city water” said Myrtis Turnquest, a resident of Cottonwood Street, who attended the public meeting.   “For years my daughter had to supply me with cooking water. Even some of my close friends have moved due to the wait when it comes to receiving city water, but I am thankful that I am here today to finally receive it.  I am so happy and can’t wait!”

The water mains project for Pinewood Gardens is expected to continue into November of this year. The public meeting allowed the residents to see the plans for the work and speak to WSC and the contractor, APEX.  Residents also had a chance to ask questions and share their comments or concerns.

“The Corporation was extremely pleased to host the town meeting to meet with the residents of Pinewood Gardens and to inform them that works will commence in the coming days to provide a piped potable water supply system for their community,” said Robert Deal, WSC Deputy General Manager.  “This area includes approximately 739 lots of which 634 have occupied homes and other buildings such as apartments and churches.  In addition, another 18 lots have buildings under construction.”

“This area is perhaps the largest single area in New Providence without a piped potable water supply system, with all of the residents depending on private well water for their water supply and using septic tanks for their sanitation needs,” he noted. “ It is anticipated that this project which will cost approximately $2.66 million, upon completion, will significantly improve the quality of life for the residents by providing them with high quality piped potable water that meets and surpasses all local and international public health requirements.”

Also on hand at the town meeting were WSC customer service team members, who have been working with the residents to sign them for the new water services.  WSC encourages all residents of Pinewood to visit their social media pages or website to keep up to date with the on-going improvements.

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