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WSC & SUEZ Teambuilding Effort Dubbed a Success

Nassau, New Providence – Team building exercises have been long used as a way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communications, and improve morale and productivity within companies and non-profit organizations alike. Studies have found that participants benefit from experiencing a sense of accomplishment in working as a group to complete a challenging task and learning ways to improve communication skills. Recently, employees of the Water & Sewerage Corporation and SUEZ Water Technology & Solutions – an international water & wastewater company, had the opportunity to benefit from one such exercise. The groups teamed up last Thursday in a special team building exercise which targeted the ‘Sacred Space’ at the Clifton Heritage Park.

With a reputation as a popular tourist site with serious historical and cultural significance the site had suffered major damage following the passage of major storms catching the attention of various local activist and environmental groups, the media and the corporation.

“The corporation is in the process of partnering with Suez who recently acquired several reverse osmosis plants that supply water to the Corporation throughout the family islands,” explained (WSC) Public Affairs Manager Visna Armbrister. “SUEZ recently hosted their annual Caribbean meeting in Nassau and suggested that the corporation team up on a special community-focused project.”

As a corporate citizen, WSC has developed a well established reputation for its own annual community service efforts through collaboration with another business partner, Miya Bahamas, to celebrate ‘Good Deeds Day’ which has seen employees clean up community parks and most recently the grounds of the Stapleton School.

“With the recent press surrounding the Clifton Heritage Park, we thought it an excellent opportunity to restore some life and beauty to the area” Armbrister explained.

Since the hurricanes of the past few years park maintenance efforts have suffered from a lack of funding leaving the trails and the park itself unattended for some time. Following the success of last week’s cleanup efforts, WSC has undertaken to continue its efforts at the Clifton Heritage Park officially adding it to its list of community endeavors. WSC along with Miya Bahamas will return to the Clifton Heritage Park in April for Good Deeds Day and May during National Water Month to continue cleanup efforts, this time in the village area and path respectively.

“We’ve started the effort, and we would like to encourage others to get involved and do their part to help maintain this beautiful space as well,” said Visna.

Volunteers armed with tools, protective gear, chainsaws and a backhoe, converged at the site and immediately got to work clearing away trees which had been uprooted by hurricane Matthew as well as rocks and other debris, restoring the beauty and sanctity of the popular tourist attraction.

“We were very pleased to contribute in a small way to this beautification project” explained Gaddy Senatus, SUEZ Field Service Manager.  “It was an extremely rewarding experience and gave us the opportunity not only to give back but to also learn more about the history of the Bahamas,” he said.

The cleanup initiative also offered other local corporate citizens the opportunity to participate. Bahamas Waste immediately answered the call joining forces with WSC to assist. The company originally donated two collection Bins which allowed for the easy removal of debris from the site, but due to the efforts of the teams, three bins were needed which they donated again.

“This was truly a collaborative effort” noted Armbrister. “The corporation prides itself on our various community outreach programs so to have the opportunity to team up with an international partner, and local partners who also share that commitment was a great experience for our employees. We are very thankful to Bahamas Waste for their commitment to donate to this.”

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