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WSC Shows Their Support to Sister Sister With Corporate Giving Challenge

Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) once again showed their support for the Sister Sister breast cancer organisation by donating proceeds from their annual Bake for the Cure bake sale.

The bake sale is hosted by WSC’s Sporting and Social Club and is their way of giving back to those in need.  “It is our corporate responsibility based on our mission statement, ‘Committed to Growth, Committed to Quality’, to give of ourselves, to grow beyond ourselves and to improve the quality of life for women who are facing the challenges of cancer in our country,” said Ingrid Strachan, President of WSC’s Sporting and Social Club.  “WSC along with its Sporting and Social Club decided to assist the Sister Sister breast cancer support group last year, and we are extremely proud that with corporate support we were able to give back.”

The corporation was able to donate $5,000 to Sister Sister thanks to their fundraiser efforts and it is the hope that the donation will be a great help to breast cancer patients who are in need of medical assistance.

“When you can reach out and touch another woman with love and compassion then I know my living is not in vain,” said Andrea Sweeting, Sister Sister breast cancer support group secretary.  “Breast cancer has no status; it fears no one so let us be our sister’s keeper and be ready to lend a helping hand wherever we can.  We would like to extend a special thank you to the management and staff of WSC for their kind love and support.”

WSC’s Sporting and Social Club looks forward to giving back as they can for years to come.  You can visit WSC’s Facebook page to see more photos and learn more.

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