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WSC Preparedness for Hurricane Matthew – 2016 Update – PR No. 1

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) wishes to advise our valued customers and all residents of the Bahamas that our teams in New Providence and the Family Islands are actively implementing our hurricane preparedness plans in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Matthew.

It is our plan to maintain potable water supplies throughout the passage of the storm, however there may be unforeseen interruptions in supply if our systems experience any damage.  All residents are encouraged to take immediate steps to store sufficient potable water to meet your drinking, cooking and sanitary needs for a minimum of five (5) days.  Water is the most urgent need during and following any major storm.

Our New Providence Emergency Command Post will be manned during the passage of the storm and we can be contacted via telephone at 302-5599 or 325-0505.  Please note however that the teams will not be able to respond to calls once weather conditions deteriorate.  All incoming calls will be logged and promptly responded to as soon as it is safe to do so following the passage of the storm.

In the event any damage is observed to any WSC water or sewerage system, residents are asked to promptly report it but not to make any attempt to investigate or repair the damage, as it may be dangerous, particularly in flooded areas.

Our prayers and thoughts are extended for the safety of all residents and visitors to our shores.

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