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WSC Operational Update Following the Passage of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma PR Update No. 3

 Nassau, Bahamas – The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) wishes to provide the following operational updates to our valued customers and all residents of The Bahamas following the passage of Hurricane Irma.

1. New Providence (NP)

Our NP water supply system continues to operate normally with no challenges. Both our Blue Hills and Windsor Desalination Plants are fully operational and our storage levels are near this maximum.

We have completed an initial assessment of our sewerage systems. Of our 110 NP sewer lift stations, all our operating normally with the exception of power supply challenges at two (2) stations in Millennium Gardens and one (1) in Venice Bay. All of our wastewater treatment plants are operational and our Septage and Sludge Handling Facility resumed normal operations on Saturday at 12 Noon and is open today also.

None of our NP offices/facilities suffered any major structural damage based on all initial reports.

2. Family Islands (FIs)

A. ABACO – All systems are fully operational with no reported extraordinary challenges.

B. ACKLINS – No power supply to the Chesters/Lovely Bay, Snug Corner, Hard Hill and Salina Point systems. All systems except the Salina Point system are presently providing a limited gravity supply to their communities.

C. ANDROS – Generally all systems are operational. We have experienced some challenges in both Mangrove Cay and South Andros. Conservation measures have been instituted for those communities and standby generators are being used while the power supply is restored.

D. BERRY ISLANDS – The system is operational with normal power supply.

E. BIMINI – Normal operations in place via the standby generator as the power supply is off at this time.

F. CAT ISLAND – Normal tanker operation to resume once weather conditions improve and minor repairs are made to the water tanker.

G. ELEUTHERA – Generally all systems are operational. The standby generator for the Naval Base Desalination Plant which serves Central Eleuthera was severely damaged by fire on Wednesday September 06th. A portable generator is loaded on a ship at Nassau Harbour awaiting clearance to sail to Eleuthera. The North Eleuthera system is presently being powered by facility’s standby generator.

H. EXUMA – Generally all systems are operational with some limited challenges in Williams Town where we have instituted conservation measures whilst the operator of the community’s desalination plant works to address a fault that occurred when attempts were made to restart the plant. Tankers are available as a contingency.

I. LONG ISLAND – Both the Simms and Central Long Island systems are fully operational.

J. SAN SALVADOR – The system is fully operational.

K. CROOKED ISLAND – The Colonel Hill system is operational with BPL power supply on. Standby power generation is also in place.

L. INAGUA / RAGGED ISLAND / LONG CAY – The operational staff for these communities were evacuated prior to the storm and the systems serving these communities were left off. The Damage Assessment Teams that were scheduled to visit these islands plus Acklins and Crooked Island today (Sunday September 10th), were unable to depart NP due to very strong winds this morning. WSC is actively working to return the operational staff to these islands along with our Damage Assessment Teams to assist us in determining the extent of the damage and the resources required to urgently restore normal operations.

Residents are asked to promptly report any damage to any WSC water or sewerage system to our Emergency Command Center at 302-5599 or 325-0505. All customers, particularly those in the FIs are asked to continue to conserve water at this time.

We continue to extend our prayers and thoughts for the safety and wellbeing of all residents and visitors to our shores as we work together as a nation to rebuild.

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