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WSC & Miya Bahamas Team Up At Clifton Heritage National Park for Good Deeds Day

Nassau, Bahamas – The National Landmark Clifton Heritage National Park, was the site of this year’s 5th Annual Good Deeds Day in The Bahamas.  Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager for WSC said, “Our staff, along with Miya Bahamas Staff were very proud to lend a helping hand at this historic site in our country.”

Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of good deeds created by Shari Arison, founder of Miya and a philanthropist.  Good Deeds Day 2018 saw 100 countries engage in thousands of projects dedicated to society and the environment.  Good Deeds Day was celebrated in the Bahamas on Friday, April 13, 2018.

“As our good deed, volunteer employees of Miya Bahamas and the Water and Sewerage Corporation gathered at Clifton Heritage National Park to clean up, weed, plant vegetable plants/gardens and trees to assist with improving the park’s appearance in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016 resulting in the need for much clean up and restorative efforts” said Armbrister.    “There is so much to do, it won’t all be done in a day but the WSC has undertaken to return for National Water Month in May to continue what was started not just today but earlier in the year when WSC teamed up with another industry partner, the Suez Company for community service at Clifton”, Armbrister said.

This year is the 12th anniversary of Good Deeds Day and the fifth year that Miya Bahamas and the Water and Sewage Corporation have participated.  Good Deeds Day has become an important activity to Miya Bahamas as well as the

WSC staff.  Office Administrator and Good Deeds Day Coordinator from Miya Bahamas, Andrea Forbes said, “Our Founder Shari Arison is very pleased that Good Deeds Day continues to thrive in the Bahamas and we could not do it at such a high level without the assistance of our partner, the WSC”.

“You guys have done a fantastic job, and we are very grateful to the WSC and Miya Bahamas” said Mario Scott Bannister, Managing Director Clifton Heritage National Park.

In 2017, the Stapledon School was in need of help due to damages caused by Hurricane Mathew in 2016.   The Faith Gardens Community Park was chosen for the Good Deeds Day project in 2016.   In 2015 volunteers enhanced the facilities at the Unity House Home for the Aged, and in 2014, the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home benefited from Good Deeds Day.

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