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WSC Helping Customers to Get Fit & Well

For a third year the staff and management of Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) morale has been boosted by the Annual Wellness Fair, which also kicks off their internal six weeks to wellness campaign. 

This year the fair was opened to the public, with customers able to receive free health screenings, health information, financial guidance, insurance information, weight status, nutritional guidance and more. “This year’s event was a great success,” said Mynez Sherman, HR Manager, and coordinator of the Wellness Fair. “We went from 12 vendors to 18 vendors this year, which was a wonderful increase.  In fact, more vendors wanted to participate, but due to space constraints we were unable to accommodate them all.  We were happy to see quite a number of retirees attend as well and persons from the general public.”

The Wellness Fair was held earlier in the month at the Corporation’s grounds on Thompson Boulevard from 11:00 am to the late afternoon and even brought out the Corporation’s Board Chairman, MP Leslie Miller.  A well-known runner and fitness fanatic, Mr. Miller had his blood pressure checked and talked to customers and attendees, and of course drank some much needed water.

The event is a very popular one on the WSC calendar and brings out large staff support. The six-week challenge encourages WSC staff to live healthy, incorporate exercise into their lives and promotes team building. The entire Corporation gets divided into teams named after former General Managers of The Corporation; Moss, Greene, Butler and Sherman.

Weekly sports competitions will take place in volleyball, basketball, softball and the very popular track meet. The goal is to become overall sports Champion and win bragging rights for one year. To add more incentive there is also an exercise program and a Health and Wellness Challenge. Awards will be given for the biggest loser in pounds, biggest loser in inches and best improved numbers in blood pressure and sugar.

Opening the day and the challenge was WSC General Manager, Glen Laville, who noted “6 weeks to Wellness is not just about physical fitness through the games and exercise activities. It’s about total wellness through social interaction, and employee education focusing on the balance that must exist between work and life.”

The WSC organizers are already working on next year’s event. “We would like to have a bigger and better fair next year,” noted Sherman. “Healthy and happy staff are the cornerstone to a successful healthy working company and if we can share this and help motivate our customers – even better!”

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