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WSC Gives Rotaract Club Important Lessons on Water & Sanitation

Water doesn’t just keep us alive, it’s in everything we do, everywhere we go and is something we use everyday.  Water & Sanitation Month is a designated period dedicated to recognising the importance of proper sanitation practices in our daily lives.

To help celebrate Water & Sanitation Month, the Rotaract Club of South East Nassau Centennial, invited the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) to speak at their weekly meeting.  As the Corporation recently completed their Wastewater Master Plan, the topic was very timely and the perfect time for WSC Senior Manager, Bradley Flowers, to discuss the new plan and give a general update on WSC’s current projects and successes.

“I was pleased to be able to speak to the Rotaract Club on behalf of the Corporation,” said Flowers.  “As professionals in the water and sanitation industry, it is important to let people know about our role in the community in ensuring that we provide not only safe, potable water, but also sanitation services to protect the health and well-being of our people.  The Corporation takes its role very seriously, and continues to make improvements to the collection system as well as its wastewater facilities.”

In 2009, the Corporation developed a Water and Sanitation Sector Strategic Plan, which was revised in 2013 with grant financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The new Wastewater Master Plan, which was completed in 2015, included assessment of the existing sewerage network/facilities for New Providence, the rehabilitation/expansion of major treatment plants, the rehabilitation of gravity collection systems and force mains, and the refurbishment of sewer lift stations.

“As this month is Water and Sanitation Month, we couldn’t let it pass without inviting the one and only Water & Sewerage Corporation,” said Club Director Candice Hepburn.  “It was great to get a breakdown of the company’s plans and understand the work they are doing to improve not only water services but waste and sewage treatment.”

During his presentation Flowers noted that wastewater management is taken for granted, as some people may not even know where their wastewater goes.  He also noted that FOG (fat, oil and grease) is the main problem for some of their wastewater treatment plans.  With the new wastewater master plan, WSC is trying to address this issue and others in their management and treatment of wastewater.

In addition to speaking about the Wastewater Master Plan, Flowers’ advised Rotaractors about the various changes that the Corporation has been undertaking to provide better customer service and most importantly improved water services.  Since receiving the IDB loan, WSC has reduced water losses by over 1 billion gallons within the last two years, a savings of $6.5 million.  Replaced nearly 14,000 service lines, repaired over 650 water mains, cleaned nearly 1,500 system valves, and created designs for addressing critical sewerage infrastructure needs. They have also worked to improve their customer experience by adding email bill notification, online payment, and now the ability for customers to see their accounts and payments online.

Flowers also noted that the corporation is utilising social media to improve their communications with the public, and encouraged the Rotaract Club of East Nassau Centennial to like their Facebook, twitter or instagram pages to keep up with the improvements works and notifications.  

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