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WSC Emergency Response to the Passage of Hurricane Joaquin

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) wishes to provide the following further update to our customers and the general public following the passage of Hurricane Joaquin.

WSC deployed Assessment and Disaster Recovery Teams to San Salvador, Long Island, Crooked Island & Long Cay and Acklins on Sunday October 04 immediately following the passage of Hurricane Joaquin and the issuance of the “all clear” from the Met Office.

San Salvador

Normal operations at our Cockburn Town Desalination Plant resumed on Friday October 09 using a large standby generator shipped to the island from New Providence earlier in the week.  On Sunday October 11, the BEC power supply was restored.  From Monday to Friday, the community was supplied via the Wellfield System, albeit with lower than normal system pressures.

The WSC team on the island is thoroughly checking our distribution system to confirm all customers are receiving water and that there are no visible leaks as a result of the passage of the hurricane.

Long Island

WSC’s Simms Desalination Plant and water supply to the community was reactivated since Saturday October 03 after the restoration of BEC’s power supply.

The Deadman’s Cay Desalination Plant which supplies all of Central Long Island was reactivated on Monday October 05 using the onsite standby generator.  The plant remains on; however a few (less than 10%) parts of the distribution system remain off due to leaks caused during the passage of the hurricane.  WSC deployed a 4-man team on Wednesday October 07 with additional vehicles to assist with the urgent location of all system leaks and their repair.  Their work is ongoing.

WSC intends on resuming tankered water supply starting on Monday October 12, however our delivery area will be subject to road conditions.

Crooked Island and Long Cay

WSC was able to reactivate the Colonel Hill Wellfield Water Supply System, on a limited basis, using a standby generator for power supply on Thursday October 08.

BEC restored power supply to the Long Cay Desalination Plant on Saturday October 10 and water supply to the community was restored shortly thereafter.  Prior to Saturday, the community was supplied via the remaining water in the storage tanks on site.

WSC is actively pursuing options to rapidly install desalination plants at Colonel Hill and at Landrail Point and to also deploy a water tanker truck to assist in meeting the potable water demands of the island.


The Snug Corner/Mason’s Bay Desalination Plant was reactivated on Monday October 05 following the restoration of BEC’s power supply.  The Hard Hill Tank System is being supplied from Snug Corner/Mason’s Bay.

The Salina Point Desalination Plant is intact but there is no power supply. WSC is working closely with BEC for the early restoration of the power supply. Residents are being supplied via gravity feed from the limited water supply in the storage tank.

BEC power supply to the Chester’s/Lovely Bay Wellfield was restored on Wednesday October 07 and water supply to Chesters was restored soon thereafter.  It is reported that approximately 1 mile of water pipeline to Lovely Bay was substantially damaged when the causeway was washed away.  WSC is actively reviewing options as to how best to supply Lovely Bay in the interim while a determination is made with respect to the reconstruction of the causeway.


Our on island staff has reported that BEC’s power supply to the Pirates Well/Betsy Bay Wellfield Water Supply System is on and supplying water to the residents.  They also reported no damage to the new Desalination Plants on island which are being readied for commissioning in the coming weeks in Abraham’s Bay and Pirates Well/Betsy Bay.

WSC will take emergency steps to ensure that potable water is made easily available at all of our facilities in the affected islands for all persons in need of water to meet their personal and family requirements.

WSC extends our sincere thanks and appreciation to our staff, and to all Governmental agencies (especially NEMA and BEC), private businesses and citizens who have offered kind assistance to us and our staff to assist us in our ongoing recovery efforts.

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