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WSC Eastern New Providence Testimonials

BEC employee, Mr. Norman Forbes, will also be featured in the new videos. He’s seen speaking with the Keen I Media film crew on why he made the switch from well water back to city services.

 (Photo courtesy of Barefoot Marketing) 

Mr. Nixon entertains the crew for WSC Win Back Campaign

As  part of the Water and Sewerage Win Back campaign Eastern New Providence customer Andrew Nixon, a Senior  Officer  at  The Bahamas Department of Corrections, was featured playing his guitar during the shooting of the new series  of  TV ads. “Since making the switch back to WSC, I haven’t looked back  since,”  said  Nixon. “WSC is doing great things now, the service is great and I encourage everyone that’s on a well, to switch to city water.”

Local character, Ms. Shirleymae Johnson rounded out the trio of testimonial ads for WSC new campaign. Mrs. Johnson said she felt compelled to share her story because “I was in the dark before with a well” she said. “I want everyone to know that the Water and Sewerage Corporation is not the same Corporation as before.”  Johnson’s ad will start running in late September encouraging Nassau residents to come back to city water services.

(Photo courtesy of Barefoot Marketing)

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