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WSC Asks Students to Show How Wise They Are About Water

In recent years, the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), has been reaching out to school students throughout The Bahamas to teach them about the importance of water conservation.  In 2004, they launched their first essay competition, to gauge the strength of their knowledge and since then students have continued to show their water knowledge.

 “Water and Sewerage is extremely pleased to reach out to the community, especially students through our flagship activity the National Essay & Video Competition,” said Visna Armbrister, WSC Public Affairs Manager. “We look forward to the students’ participation and have been pleased over the years with the quantity and quality of essays and now videos we’ve received.”

The student competition began in 2004 and is the annual kick off for National Water Month, which is in May.  The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Water for Survival: Value Every Drop’.  Armbrister noted, “By using this theme, we hope to sensitize the public not only through the writings and video presentations of our students, but also through the media about the need to value this precious resource that we tend to take for granted.”

The competition will launch on March 21st and the deadline for entries to be submitted is April 22nd, 2016.  Essays must be between 400 and 500 words and videos no longer than three minutes.  The first place winners for both the essay and video categories will receive scholarships toward their college tuition, with tablets and other prizes for the second and third place winners for each category.

“Water is a necessity of life,” said Armbrister. “None of us can live without it. WSC continues to spread the message that water must be valued and not taken lightly and we hope the competition will help show that.”

Winners of this year’s competition will be announced via WSC’s Facebook page and website. All rules are also posted on these pages for review by students wishing to enter this year’s competition.

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