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Water & Sewerage Makes Understanding VAT Charges As Easy as 1,2,3

VAT Charges as Easy as 1,2,3

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) wants to make the transition to VAT as easy as possible for their customers, and is helping  to do so by rolling out a video which illustrates how customers’ bills will look when VAT charges have been added.

“The Corporation produced this video because we want our customers to know that we care, and because we care,  we recognize that the transition from not having to pay a direct tax to now having to, would not be easy for all of us,” said Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager WSC. “By producing this instructional video, the Corporation’s goal is to assist customers with understanding their bills which would look slightly different particularly for the first quarter billing statements for 2015 due to VAT.”

The video reaches out to both business and residential customers, and can be found on the company’s website, their Facebook page and on their YOUTUBE page. The video begins by requesting that   WSC vendors and corporate customers  submit their Tax Identification Number (TIN), as soon as possible and lists the various ways it could be submitted. The balance of the video explains to customers how their vat is calculated and will be shown on the 2015 bills. 

“We encourage all our vendors and our customers to take the time to watch the video,” said Armbrister. “The 2 min video will help them understand their billing statements which will show both Pre VAT and Post VAT charges, and avoid any confusion they may otherwise encounter.”

The Corporation notes that only services rendered after January 2015 will be charged VAT. At the bottom of the bill there will be a line item which indicates how much VAT was assessed.   Samples of the bills are posted on both the company’s website and Facebook page and the company’s tax identification number (TIN) has been published in national newspapers.

The new video is a part of WSC’s VAT awareness campaign, “If you still have questions contact our Call Centre at 302-5599 or email us at,” noted Armbrister.  “The Water and Sewerage Corporation is committed to growth by continuing to expand its service offerings, and committed to quality by doing whatever we can to offer quality service.”

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