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Water and Sewerage Corporation Introduces Individual Service to Renters

The Water and Sewage Corporation is making business easier for landlords and tenants with the introduction of individual service to renters and the best part is, it’s as simple as 1-2-3, literally! 

The individual service for renters is one of many new features offered to customers of WSC. It allows tenants of multi-family properties to have individual accounts monitoring water usage. This alleviates the pressure from landlords having to manage and pay water bills for their tenants and it gives tenants the freedom of controlling their own accounts.      

“The Water and Sewerage Corporation is excited about extending our services to landlords and tenants, which we view as a new opportunity to grow and expand our business,” said Visna Armbrister, Public Affairs Manager for WSC. “Many of our customers are landlords and we have received constant requests from them to allow tenants to apply for their own accounts. And now it’s done! This new offer puts an end to the frustration of landlords and renters.”

The process can be accomplished by visiting WCS and completing three simple steps. One, the Landlord, if they do not already have an account can apply for service to the property and pays the associated fees and security deposit. Two, the Landlord provides written authorization to the tenant to apply for service in their name. Three, the tenant completes an application form, provides identification, a copy of the current lease or proof of rental payments and pays the security deposit.

With the launch of this new program, WSC has also created an advertising campaign to advise its current and possible new customers about this new service. “We’ve heard you and we’ve responded,” said Armbrister. “Individual service for renters have arrived, Landlords and tenants, now it’s your turn to signup. Our friendly, and efficient staff await your calls, as we are ready to assist you in making the move.”

The individual service for renters is available both in New Providence, and the Family Islands.  For more information call the WSC customer service center at 302-5599, message the corporation via their facebook page or visit the Water and Sewerage Corporation today. 

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