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New Providence, The Bahamas: The Water and Sewerage Corporation, hosted a transformative EmpowHER Breakfast event today, fostering a dynamic environment of empowerment and personal growth. The gathering featured distinguished guest speaker Dr. Giavana Jones, who delved into the theme “EmpowHER to Thrive,” providing invaluable insights and tools for female staff members to enhance various aspects of their lives.

The event kicked off with a delightful breakfast for all attendees, setting a positive and inclusive tone. Dr. Giavana Jones, a renowned therapist and psychologist, engaged the audience in an interactive session, guiding them through thought-provoking exercises and discussions. The icebreaker activity, centered around self-discovery with questions such as “Who am I?” sparked meaningful conversations among the women, fostering a sense of connection.

Dr. Jones shared real-life experiences, weaving her insights into topics like thought life, emotional intelligence, and stress management. Her emphasis on the importance of setting boundaries resonated strongly with the attendees, providing actionable strategies to navigate both personal and professional challenges.

A highlight of the event was the distribution of Words of Affirmation cards, a tangible reminder of the strength and capabilities within each woman. The collective reading of these affirmations created a powerful atmosphere of positivity and support.

In a symbolic conclusion, the women gathered to form a human heart, representing unity, solidarity, and the collective strength of the empowered individuals. Dr. Giavana Jones encouraged the attendees to carry the spirit of empowerment forward, fostering a culture of support and resilience within the organization.

“WSC understands the significance of empowering its female workforce, and events like EmpowHER Breakfast are a testament to our commitment to personal and professional growth,” said Nikolette Elden, Public Affairs Manager and organizer of the event at WSC. “We believe that empowered women contribute significantly to the success and innovation of our organization, and we are proud to provide a platform for their holistic development.”

The EmpowHER Breakfast aligns with WSC’s ongoing initiatives to promote diversity, inclusion, and the well-being of its staff. The event not only showcased the dedication to the empowerment of women within the organization but also emphasized the role of personal growth in fostering a positive work environment.