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Update Major Failure on Critical Water Mains

The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) wishes to provide the following update to our customers and the general public regarding the repair works on a critical water main located on Nassau Street just south of West Bay Street. The WSC team assigned substantially completed the repair works around 2AM this morning (Wednesday Aug-05-2015) and thereafter began the restoration of water supply to the areas affected.

WSC wishes to advise our customers that after an extended major system failure, it will take several hours for our water supply system to fully recharge; therefore some customers may experience reduced levels of service this morning and during the early afternoon.

The areas affected include that portion of New Providence north of Wulff Road from Goodman’s Bay in the west to Village Road in the east. This includes but is not limited to the following areas: Palmdale, Bain and Grants Town, Big Pond, Fort Fincastle, portions of Shirley Street, Potter’s Cay Dock, St. Alban’s Drive and Highland Terrace.

Customers who continue to experience reduced levels of service and/or any water quality challenges (discoloration) are encouraged to contact our Call Center at 302-5599 or email

Finally, WSC wishes to notify pedestrians and motorists in the area of Nassau Street North, just south of Bay Street, to exercise extreme caution in the area as WSC still has to complete further works in the area; therefore we have left the excavation open but barricaded and secured to prevent unauthorized access to the excavation. 

WSC sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused, and expresses our appreciation and thanks for your patience.

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