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The Water & Sewerage Corporation Prepares for Hurricane Season 2014

Every year, and all through the year, the Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC) prepares to face hurricanes, and other natural disasters, however a key part of the national preparedness plan involves the consumer.  You too must be ready! The WSC is increasingly reliant on desalinated water supplies in many islands, and contrary to recent publications, this is actually beneficial for supply continuity in storm situations.  For instance, the two desalination plants that supply about 95% of New Providence’s water, are rated to withstand strong hurricane winds, and are equipped for full standby power generation.  On site fuel storage for generators are typically sufficient for 3-5 days of production.  Download Hurricane Brochure In contrast, well fields may be compromised by excessive rainwater runoff or even seawater from storm surges which occurred in the Andros well fields in 2004. They also occupy large areas of land and can be rendered inaccessible in the immediate aftermath of a storm due to downed trees or damaged roads. The WSC’s hurricane preparations began long before the hurricane season and continues throughout the season.  Preparations include: 

  1. Capital improvements, upgrades and repairs to critical equipment;
  2. Updating and completing a maintenance checklist to ensure that equipment is in place and fully operational;
  3. Boosting water production levels to fill all storage facilities to accommodate increased demands as customers store water or switch from private wells;
  4. Securing stand-by contractors who may be needed to assist with repairs after a storm;
  5. Carrying out final tests on emergency equipment, especially generators, and topping up of fuel supplies;
  6. Ensuring water treatment equipment and chemicals are available and appropriately distributed;
  7.  Securing buildings, plant, and equipment as necessary

 The Corporation plays an active role in the efforts of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).  During a storm, WSC’s representatives work with NEMA’s command centre and in the Corporation’s own command centre, in order to mobilize as soon as possible after a storm, to access damages and expedite repairs. As the consumer, you too have a role to play in disaster preparedness!First and foremost STORE WATER!!!!If everyone stores at least three (3) days of water supply, or three (3) gallons per person, the entire community is so much more disaster ready!  

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