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The Water and Sewerage Corporation advises the public and its customers

The Water and Sewerage Corporation advises the public and its customers, particularly the residents of Wild Harvest Drive, Skyland Lakes Subdivision, that the Corporation will commence installation of sewer force main starting October 31, 2016 for a period of fifteen days. During this period  residents may experience some obstruction.  The Corporation apologizes for any inconvenience caused and thanks you for your cooperation. 

10/12/2016 – Request for Customers/Residents to Report any Water Leaks or Interruptions in their City Water Supply or Sewerage Concerns.

The Corporation’s New Providence water supply is on and stable. Any service concerns may be due to localized issues and customers experiencing any challenge are urged to promptly contact our Call Center at 302-5599.

Similarly, if anyone observes a water leak or any issues with our sewerage systems, they are also urged to promptly contact our Call Center.

We thank all of our valued customers and indeed all residents, for acting as our eyes and ears and for your feedback, which has assisted the Corporation in maintaining our operations as best as possible during and after the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

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