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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – In keeping with its commitment to providing reliable and safe water supply to all communities around the country, The Water & Sewerage Corporation (WSC) recently teamed up with nurses within the public healthcare system to promote the health benefits of city water usage, particularly within close knit communities like Pinewood.

For the past two years, the Corporation has embarked on a house to house initiative in the residential area of Pinewood Gardens,  to encourage well users in the area to make the switch to city water.  Across the world, water borne illnesses remains a major concern particularly in the event of possible fresh water contamination, which can be caused by natural disasters like Hurricanes or man-made hazards that leak into the water table.

“Being on personal wells, does not guarantee that their water supply is safe,” explained WSC Public Affairs

Manager, Visna Armbrister.  “WSC trained staff monitor our water 24/7, we have professional chemical engineers who are trained on chlorination and our water is approved and meets the above international water standards,” she said.

Of the 650 homes in the area, less than half of the residents have agreed to sign on to city water. The corporation is currently in the process of completing major mains improvement in the Pinewood area and once completed, the new infrastructure will provide piped water to scores of homes for the first time in history.

As an additional bonus the millions of infrastructures work is being carried out at no cost to the customers.  “Right now sign up for WSC Pinewood is free,” said Armbrister! “ If these residents choose to sign up after the work is done they will  have to pay $714 dollars plus VAT to get instillation to WSC water.”

The corporation encourages all interested households to make the switch now to avoid incurring any personal costs.  “We’re working every-day to make sure we give people clean, safe, reliable water supply that’s what we want people to know about,” Armbrister noted. “We have also integrated on line bill payment, e-billing and more to make our services so much easier then self-water supply.”

Pinewood customers should contact the Customer Service Department at 242-302-5599 if they missed the sign-up visits or reach out to Corporation via their Facebook page or the corporation’s website at  For those not in Pinewood the corporation is currently offering 50%off sign up services to any customers. 

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