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Hon. Adrian Gibson, MP, Update to The House of Assembly

Long Island MP Adrian Gibson, Executive Chairman of the Water & Sewerage Corporation, speaks in the House of Assembly , October 9, 2019yesterday. (Photo by Torrell Glinton)

Good Afternoon Mr. Speaker:

I thank God for the opportunity to return to this place yet again.
I am proud to rise on behalf of the great people of Long Island, a people from whence I came.

Mr. Speaker,
I would like to extend sincerest condolences to the family of the late Hon.
Tennyson Wells—his wife Stephanie and their children, to his dear mother Mrs. Wells (who still resides in Deadman’s Cay), my former teacher Mrs. Rosena Pyfrom (his sister), my campaign co-manager and supporter Mrs Iris Pinder (former Director of Education), his brothers Richard and Charlie and his wife, my cousin, Edyra Wells…and the entire Wells family.

Mr. Speaker:
I would like to wish a happy belated birthday to the greatest woman I know—my grandmother, Lenora Gibson. I grew up with her. She turned 87 on the 29th September. Happy birthday mammy! During the recess, a few Long Islanders passed on. I would like to extend sincerest condolences to Shirley and Martin Turnquest, Agnes Turnquest and family, Guild
Wells and the entire Wells family on the passing of Mrs. Edna Wells; condolences are extended to Bonnie (who has been a wonderful supporter), Jan, Mary, Pamela, Burton and the entire Moree family on the passing of Captain Archie Moree; I also wish to extend condolences to the Frances Cartwright (her daughter, who has been one of my most vocal supporters and who is someone I greatly appreciate) and to the entire Treco, Cartwright and Turnquest on the passing of Mrs. Theresa Treco-Turnquest (a school mate of my grandfather).


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