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Good Deeds for a Good Cause

Nassau, New Providence – Committed to their roles as good corporate citizens, Miya Bahamas and the Water & Sewerage Corporation teamed up with their employees to participate in the annual good deeds day, jumping at the opportunity to give back to the community in a real and tangible way.

Good Deeds Day is a MIYA annual tradition which launched in 2007 and has swept the globe encouraging persons from all cultures, backgrounds, and countries to join forces and give of themselves for the benefit of others and the planet. In 2017, ninety-three countries – including The Bahamas – participated in over 20 thousand projects making this year the largest and most far reaching day of global good.

“If people could unite around good. If every person does something to make a difference, and communities, organizations, and corporations give of their time and skill to help others, lives will be improved, and our world would be a better one” noted MIYA Bahamas Project Manager, Goncalo Delgado.

This year marked the fourth time that the Water & Sewerage Corporation has partnered with Miya for Good Deeds Day with the event becoming a staple in both companies’ annual calendars. On April 7, the volunteers from both organizations took time to improve the Stapledon School gardens and playground areas as well as the remove of all debris which had accumulated Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

 “We chose the Stapledon School this year because they cater to children with varying degrees of mental disabilities,” said Andrea Forbes of Miya Bahamas. “This month is Autism Awareness Month, so we thought it a good idea to come in and do what we can to assist the school and its students.”

Helping organize these events, Visna Armbrister  WSC Public Affairs and Customer Service Manager has been at the forefront of each Good Deeds Day. “This is now an annual event for us at WSC, and its something we always look forward doing. Our staff is eager to help and assist our community. We are more than just a company doing business, we really appreciate our community and our country” she explained.

To learn more about Good Deeds Day or to join this annual event visit and join the campaign to do good!

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