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The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) advises its Customers in Central Eleuthera that reduced levels of service are expected to continue until late Friday evening. Until such time, most customers will experience reduced pressures. Customers at higher elevations or at extremities of the system however may experience extended periods of interrupted supplies.   

Initially supplies in Central Eleuthera were interrupted on Sunday, July 31, 2016, when the Corporation’s 8” transmission main which serves the Gregory Town and Hatched Bay Area was damaged by a third party. This was repaired the same day and re-pressurization would have normally occurred over the following  24 hours. Unfortunately however, the next day (August 1, 2016), a catastrophic failure occurred at the Naval Base desalination Plant, resulting in reduced production capacity.   

Emergency efforts were made to affect the necessary repairs, however further challenges were encountered, and remedial actions remain in progress. It is expected that all related repairs will be completed late tomorrow evening (Friday, August 4, 2016). During this period, be assured of our efforts to keep the public updated, and to quickly remedy these unfortunate series of events.  

In the interim, the Corporation has undertaken mitigation measures, and as such some supplies from North Eleuthera are being diverted to supplement the reduced capacity in Central Eleuthera. Customers in Central Eleuthera from Gregory Town in the north, to Savannah Sound in the south will be affected. All other systems on Eleuthera remain activated.  Supplies in the North may however suffer reduced pressures for short periods while water is diverted further south.   

The Corporation once again sincerely apologizes for the extended reduction in levels of service in Central Eleuthera. Please follow our  Facebook Page regarding continued corrective works and restoration of supply.

Customers are also invited to email their concerns and/or feedback to or call our toll free number at (242) 300 0150. CAG/cg – (Tel: (242) 376 – 8463) 

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