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A Pleasant Good Afternoon to each of you.

May has been proclaimed National Water Month by our Prime Minster, Dr. The Most Hon. Hubert A. Minnis.   The Corporation has celebrated National Water Month during May for the last 24 years.  What started in 1995 as a week’s celebration – the vision of our former General Manager – Mr. E. George Moss has grown into a month of activities allowing us to more fully incorporate the Family Islands.  National Water Month is a time set aside to remind the public about the importance of water as a precious natural resource that should not be taken lightly. 

One way the Corporation has chosen to continue to bring focus to the importance of water in sustaining life is through hosting the National Essay and Video Competition for the past 7 years.  This year, students were given the topic:  No Water, No Life.  

While the prizes are great and the scholarship awards are even better, what’s important is that students take the opportunity to research and to prepare essays and videos creatively communicating their perspective with respect to the given topic which enhances their learning experience.  We here at the Corporation are extremely proud of the quality and content of the submissions this year.  I also take this opportunity to encourage both students and teachers across the country to include our Essay/Video Competition on your Academic Calendars to ensure your students are ready to participate once the letters are sent to your school.

We are most proud of the fact that we are aiding in the education of our nation’s youth, through the granting of a scholarship to assist with higher learning, and we are proud of the fact that many of these students go on to become productive members of society. 

I wish to thank all participants and to congratulate the winners, and to encourage you to continue to excel and become top achievers.   I also wish to thank your parents and teachers who assisted and supported you in this regard.  The Corporation is pleased to add you to its list of winners, and you should note that not only will you receive the awards that you will be given today, but the recognition continues all year long on our website, our social media pages and billboards – that’s how serious we take this initiative.   

I encourage you who are present and those winners in the Family Islands, as you receive your awards, to remember that it does not end today.  Your achievements will be used to promote this initiative and to encourage other students to enter our competition next year so that they too will be inspired to try to achieve what you’ve accomplished. 

On behalf of our Executive Chairman, our Board of Directors, our General Manager, Management and Staff of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, I extend my congratulations to each of you.

Good Afternoon and thank you.

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