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Eleuthera, Bahamas: The Water and Sewerage Corporation wishes to update our valued customers regarding an extended reduction in its level of service within the Central Eleuthera zone, which includes settlements from Gregory Town in the north to Savannah Sound in the south.
As shared previously, our reverse osmosis desalination plant at our Naval Base station in Governor’s Harbour experienced a major failure of a specialized high pressure pump resulting a reduction of the plant’s water production capacity.
Our desalination contractor, Aqua Design Bahamas Limited, immediately began repairs on the internal piping systems and sent the damaged electrical equipment to Nassau for urgent repairs. The repaired pump was returned to Eleuthera on Friday evening (June 21st) and installed on Saturday (June 22nd) but continued to experienced challenges. A required mechanical part was shipped to the island on Sunday morning (June 23rd) via charter flight but this too was insufficient to fully resolve the problem. A further mechanical part has been identified and attempts are being made to ship via charter flight or boat this evening but bad weather is preventing this. Another charter flight is scheduled for 6:30AM on Monday (June 24th) and a further update will follow once this part is installed and the pump activated.
In the interim, reduced water production at the desalination plant has forced WSC to closely manage water supply to residents. Water pressures, and the quantity of water being pumped out has been carefully managed over the period to conserve supply and maintain a basic level of service throughout this period.
Our Eleuthera team is working tirelessly to minimize water supply disruptions, however, customers in areas farther north and south, and those at higher elevations will experience low to no water pressure due to these necessary adjustments. WSC is tankering water to those residents who are experiencing extended periods of low pressure and/or no water supply, and we have also commenced the delivery of bottled water to residents in need. Residents in need of tankered water supply or bottled water who have not yet been visited by a WSC team are invited to call our Area Manager, Mr. Karl Anderson at 810 – 5275.
The Government of The Bahamas and WSC have both expressed our extreme frustration to Aqua Design Bahamas Limited regarding this extended water supply challenge and the severe adverse impact it is having on residents and businesses in Central Eleuthera. Separate public updates on this will follow.
The Water and Sewerage Corporation sincerely apologizes to our valued customers in Central Eleuthera for the inconvenience caused by this extended reduction in water supply. We are committed to providing uninterrupted potable water supply and strive to return to normal service swiftly when disruptions occur. We appreciate and thank our customers for their loyalty and patience during this challenging time. Thank you for your understanding.


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